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Destin Glass™ – 5 Glass Features to Easily Modernize Any Home or Room

Looking for ways to modernize your home and stay up to date with the current minimalist trends? Incorporating glass into your home design is a guaranteed way to make it look fresh and up to date.

This material is clean, sleek, and very versatile, giving you lots of options to work with. Want to make sure you’re making the cut of unique homes? Keep reading for 5 awesome glass features you can easily incorporate into any room.

1. Picturesque Glass Window Walls
Picturesque Glass Window WallsGlasshouses are in, but you don’t need to build your entire house out of class to hop on this trend. By simply adding some floor-to-ceiling length glass windows you can modernize your home’s overall aesthetic.

These windows are ideal for common spaces in the house like the kitchen or living room. Picturesque windows invite the nature surrounding your home inside by providing a sense of openness and lots of natural lighting.

This brings a lightweight and breezy atmosphere to any interior all while creating the perfect minimalist look.

2. Glass Countertops
Glass CountertopsIf you’re wishing to add a modern flair to your kitchen or bathroom, consider glass countertops. They add a beautiful and luxurious feel to the room and are great at dispersing light.

Glass countertops can be a great conversation piece considering they are not only unique but also practical. The glass is resistant to the bacteria and germs you would normally find on countertops in these rooms. Not to mention glass countertops are also extremely easy to clean.

3. Glass Stairs or Stair Railing
Glass Stairs or Stair RailingMany modern and luxurious homes have staircases as a main focal point to the entrance. This is an excellent place to incorporate glass and create a more modern and open-looking space.

Adding a glass stair railing to your already existing stairs allows light to filter through so your staircase doesn’t feel closed off. If you are wishing to make a bold statement out of your stairs, consider doing them in full glass for the ultimate minimalist look.

4. Glass Partition Walls
Glass Partition WallsAdding a glass partition wall is the perfect way to divide up space in your home without causing the area to feel confining. These walls can be built completely soundproof so you’ll have a private and quiet space without feeling excluded from the rest of your house.

Glass partition walls are stylish and can allow you to maintain an open floor plan while still having defined spaces.

5. Frameless Glass Shower
Frameless Glass ShowerYou can instantly turn your bathroom into a place of elegance by switching to a glass shower.

This sleek and modern addition lets a lot of light in, setting the perfect shower atmosphere. These walls are also easily cleaned and resistant to mildew and mold build-up found in other types of material.


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Incorporating Glass For Unique Homes
If owning unique homes is something you’ve always dreamed of you can easily achieve this by incorporating one or all of the five things mentioned above. These features can easily be added to your already existing home to completely transform it into the luxurious and open space you’ve envisioned.

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