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What Kind of Glass Are Shower Doors Made Of?

Tempered shower door glassThe kind of glass shower doors are made of has evolved over time. What was once standard is now considered hazardous and a violation of building codes. In the past, shower doors were made of annealed (“regular”) glass. While their look is appealing, these shower doors were responsible for a significant number of injuries. When the annealed glass is broken, the pieces are very sharp and jagged and can instantly cause severe lacerations.

Since 1961, building codes have mandated the use of safety glass for shower door applications. The product most commonly used for shower door construction is tempered glass. This glass goes through a process of heating and rapid cooling that leaves it much more durable than annealed glass.

The edges of tempered glass remain quite vulnerable to breakage, but this product includes one more safety feature. A unique characteristic of tempered glass is that, if it breaks, it disintegrates into small chunks that are not as sharp and pointy as annealed glass shards.

Tempered shower door glass is available in many styles – clear, ultra-clear, acid-etched, patterned, tinted, and cast.

Clear: One of the most popular options, simple transparent glass.
Ultra-clear: Glass with lowered iron content to reduce the greenish tinge.
Acid-etched: Glass made “frosty” by application of acid.
Patterned: Glass featuring a textured pattern on its surface.
Tinted: Subtle color in the glass.
Cast: Glass formed by filling a mold with molten glass.

Modern shower doors can also be made of laminated glass or laminated tempered glass. This safety glass product is formed by adhering two sheets of glass to a central sheet of transparent vinyl. The result is a panel that remains intact even if the glass gets broken. Laminated glass or laminated tempered glass is used when a homeowner has special safety concerns for a shower door.

A final variation seen on today’s shower doors is glass protection. ShowerGuard glass, for example, is permanently sealed during manufacturing, so it is always resistant to staining and corrosion and is easier to clean. A less costly alternative is to order glass treated with an EnduroShield coating or to apply this product yourself.

Regardless of the type of safety glass you prefer, you can count on Destin Glass for all your glass needs.

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