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sneeze guards and barriersWe, as a nation, are being confronted by one of life’s most troubling mysteries; nevertheless, we need to resolve and face the struggle that is yet to come. Though we are on the path to social and economic progress, the very risk of relapse remains a threat to both of us. There is a safe and successful future ahead of us, but we need to follow a different paradigm in our everyday life. Sneeze Guards are a tool that not only will facilitate those ‘challenges,’ but will be cemented into our everyday lives for the foreseeable future.

While shared interactions are once again on the rise of normality, we have moved into a societal attitude that views a mere sneeze as a danger. Risks involved with in-person experiences need to be handled appropriately and with sufficient care. Businesses around the globe are opening their doors to the public again. Such acts entail threats for both staff and the clientele engaging without deliberately cross-contaminating each other.

Sneeze Guards and Barriers are highly customizable and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes: Freestanding Sneeze Guards, Cubicle Sneeze Guards, and Hanging Sneeze Guards. Freestanding Sneeze Guards are designed to use clear glass panels involved in maintaining the system standing and in place. These Freestanding Sneeze Guards hold together the glass panels with the use of pins and support structures to maintain a sturdy foundation. The scope of potential implementations is endless; they can be both effective and realistic at meeting tables, hostess booths, and even other places in the modern world. The requirement for a smooth surface is all but restricting the effectiveness of the Glass Sneeze Guards. These may be used on tables or rendered to cover head-to-toe for use in salons and barbershops; some are built to split the room into a seated stage, such as separating tables at restaurants.

Hanging Sneeze Guards are made of translucent glass panels suspended from the ceiling at the correct height. Glass panels are protected by the placement of pins and extensions over the ceiling or a test surface over the target spot. This kind of sneeze protection can be tailored to suit almost every function. These sneeze guards make it simpler for the end-user to decide where to position the security barrier. This often applies to a wider area of defense.

On the other hand, there exists Cubicle-based Sneeze Guards, these forms of Sneeze Guards are constructed of a transparent Glass sheet with a framework built to be placed on a screen partition. This form of sneeze protection has grown in popularity as many companies are seeking to reopen safely since the outbreak of COVID-19.

Sneeze Guards ultimately are useful in the fight against the global pandemic; however, we all need to unite as a single group to enforce the proper implementation and conduct of these protective barriers in our everyday lives. We at Destin Glass, focus our decades of experience on both giving our customers the satisfaction they desire and the perfect finish to their homes. We see the choices of our customers as of utmost importance on our schedules. We use our experience in the completion of previous projects to pinpoint areas of improvement and make sure that you, as the customer, deem our services exceptional.

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