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Destin Glass™ – Advantages & Disadvantages of Frameless Glass Shower Doors

pros and cons of frameless shower doorInterior design has celebrated the sleek elegance of minimalism for many years.

As a trending aesthetic, Canadian homeowners are constantly looking for fresh and inspiring ways to implement these upscale characteristics into their homes!

While bathroom renovations are one of the most popular home improvement projects, frameless glass showers have become a luxurious way of embracing this minimalist design.

Although the initial costs can be a bit expensive, there are a wide variety of features that extend far beyond the aesthetic appeal.

At Destin Glass, we are committed to helping our clients make smarter buying decisions.

The following sections will explore the unique features of frameless glass showers, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

What are Frameless Glass Shower Doors?

The most distinctive feature of a frameless glass shower door is the lack of metal hardware and framing.

While framed glass showers have traditionally used metal, rubber or other materials to secure the glass along the door’s edges, frameless glass doors blend seamlessly into any style of bathroom decor with unobstructed transparency.

Without a frame to rely on, frameless glass doors use a much thicker type of tempered glass to ensure functionality and durability.

If you are looking to sell or rent your home or condo, this sleek upgrade will certainly give your property a modern and luxurious feel.

What are the Advantages of Frameless Glass Shower Doors?

There are a variety of reasons to consider frameless glass doors for your shower:

1. Fully Customizable:

While traditional framed doors are mass-produced in standard sizes, frameless glass shower doors are fully customizable to fit the needs of your home.

To avoid the risk of water leaks, the glass panes must be perfectly fitted to the dimensions of your shower space to allow for tailored precision.

2. Modern Aesthetic:

As mentioned above, frameless glass showers have become a very popular upgrade for those who enjoy minimalist design.

While framed glass doors can often look bulky with metal or rubber seals, frameless doors give off a sleek, modern and trendy aesthetic.

By eliminating the hardware, this spa-like addition can add a luxurious touch to the overall aesthetic of your home!

3. Corrosion-Free:

Corroded metal is one of the most common reasons for homeowners to replace their standard metal-framed shower doors.

Without any metal hardware, frameless glass shower enclosures eliminate the risk of corrosion!

This allows homeowners to save money on long-term replacement costs while looking fresh and new for many years to come.

4. Increases Property Value:

In the real estate world, the two biggest show stoppers are always the kitchen and the bathrooms.

With the classy, upscale addition of a frameless glass shower enclosure, your property value will actually increase for when you are ready to sell!

While the upfront expenses can sometimes deter homebuyers from making the investment, frameless glass shower doors are a wise upgrade to consider when planning to boost your property’s selling potential.

5. Opens Up The Space:

Without a bulky frame or shower curtains to segment the room, frameless glass showers create the optical illusion of a bigger bathroom space.

Although frameless shower doors can’t actually add any square footage to the room, the transparent glass panels create an open, airy feel that make the room seem larger.

6. Reduces the Risk of Mold:

When water starts to collect beneath a framed door’s seals, the warm, moist air creates the perfect environment for mold and mildew to form.

As this can be dangerous to the health of your family, standard framed doors require much more maintenance to keep your shower well-sanitized.

With frameless glass shower doors, the absence of hardware minimizes the space for water to build up, reducing the risk of mold.

7. Easy to Clean:

Frameless glass shower doors are much easier to clean and maintain than traditional framed glass doors.

Without any grooves or hardware for mold or dirt to collect, these frameless glass shower doors and enclosures can be easily cleaned with nothing more than a simple squeegee.

8. Timeless:

While many home renovation projects can become outdated over time, frameless shower doors provide a classy, timeless quality to any decorating style.

For homeowners who enjoy updating their home decor with modern touches, this upgrade will remain in style for many decades to come.

What are the Disadvantages of Frameless Glass Shower Doors?

Although there are a wide variety of advantages to frameless glass shower doors, it is important to consider the potential risks or downfalls as well.

In order to make the most confident decisions for your home, here are a few potential disadvantages to consider before committing to a frameless glass shower:

1. Cost:

One of the most common concerns that homeowners have about frameless glass doors is the upfront expense.

As frameless shower doors require the use of much thicker, sturdier glass, they are generally more expensive than traditional framed doors.

While this might not be the best option for those looking to renovate on a budget, it is still a profitable upgrade to consider as it will also increase the property value of your home.

2. Potential for Leaks:

Without any frames, seals or insulating materials to keep water from pouring out, frameless shower doors rely heavily on precision and installation for the prevention of water leaks.

While placing your showerhead away from the door can help prevent water from escaping, it is very important to find an experienced, reliable contractor who will customize the glass to fit the exact dimensions of your shower space.

3. Risk of Shattering:

Although extremely rare, there are a few concerns that may cause frameless glass shower doors to shatter.

From damaged glass and improper installation to door slamming and severe changes in heat or pressure; tempered glass has been designed to shatter into small pieces to reduce any safety risks.

Glass defects (referred to as glass inclusions) can also weaken the durability of your shower doors if the particles are not properly dissolved during the glass fabrication process.

4. Less Privacy:

With transparent glass walls, frameless glass showers can be a bit revealing for families that frequently share their bathroom space.

While the exposure may deter some homeowners from considering frameless glass shower doors, there are a number of frosted glass options to provide the same modern, open feel with a bit more personal privacy.

When considering frameless glass shower doors for your bathroom renovation project, it is important to consider how these pros and cons weigh up against the needs of your home, your family and your budget.

If you are interested in learning more about your glass shower options, our experts are always happy to help!

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