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Now is the Time to Invest in a Frameless Shower Door

Most Americans are staying home more than they ever have before due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Between jobs transitioning to remote work, temporary closures, and stay-at-home orders, you’re probably feeling a bit restless and noticing things around your home that you’d like to fix.

Maybe you’ve taken on a few home improvement projects here and there, or perhaps you’ve already done several rounds of spring cleaning.… Read more

What to Look for in a Local Glass Service Company

local glass repair companyWhether you’re considering investing in a frameless shower door enclosure, need an elegant new mirror, or are searching for a local glass repair company, you have plenty of options in the Emerald Coast area.

That said, you shouldn’t work with the first glass company you come across. You should do your research and make sure that the company you ultimately choose checks all of the boxes discussed in today’s post.… Read more

Get Your Replacement Windows Before Next Summer

It’s easy enough to forget about the heat of the summer months when you are in the midst of winter or even spring. But once summer comes around, and you don’t have the windows replacement in Destin, FL your home really needs, the regrets can settle in. It’s important to get new windows when you need them, but you should really make it a priority to get them before the summer heat takes over your house again.… Read more

Shower Enclosures 101: The Three Designs of Shower Enclosures

Shower enclosures are a fantastic way to add a sense of elegance and aesthetic quality to your bathroom while also boosting the value of your home. As the world of home improvement continues to grow and expand, so do the variety and selections of shower enclosures, specifically glass shower enclosures.

No two bathrooms are alike, and therefore when selecting shower enclosure designs for your bathroom it is imperative that you make an informed, intentional choice.… Read more

Destin Glass™ – How to Maintain Your New Beautiful Shower Enclosure

Shower Enclosure MaintenanceYour spa bathroom deserves to be impeccably maintained. Luckily, shower enclosure maintenance does not need to be grueling. With a small routine and a little elbow grease, your spa getaway can retain its slice of heaven.

One of the peskiest of shower concerns during cleaning and maintenance is grout. Your grout can take a beating with daily showers, soap, scum, and constant dampness.… Read more

Destin Glass™ – Advantages & Disadvantages of Frameless Glass Shower Doors

pros and cons of frameless shower doorInterior design has celebrated the sleek elegance of minimalism for many years.

As a trending aesthetic, Canadian homeowners are constantly looking for fresh and inspiring ways to implement these upscale characteristics into their homes!

While bathroom renovations are one of the most popular home improvement projects, frameless glass showers have become a luxurious way of embracing this minimalist design.… Read more

Destin Glass™ – Hydroslide Barn Style Shower Door Enclosures

The phrase, “less is more” sums up the idea behind the latest movement, minimalism. Documentaries, shows, books, podcasts, and entire social media accounts have been dedicated to ways to simplify and minimalize your life. The benefits of minimalism are many and can truly help you financially, mentally, and emotionally. There is something about freeing up the literal space around you that frees up space in your mind as well.

Read more

Destin Glass™ – Benefits of Exterior Glass Hand Railings – Destin, FL

Exterior Glass Hand RailingsWhen it comes to making a choice on guardrails for your property, many people are torn between enhancing safety without compromising on elegance and aesthetics. If you are faced with this dilemma, do not fret. An exterior glass hand railings system is the perfect solution.

Traditional railing systems such as iron and wood have been employed for decades and were well utilized in their time.… Read more

Destin Glass™ – Shop LOCAL or Big Box Store for Bath Remodel? – Destin, FL

big box store for bath remodelBig box stores offer the convenience of one-stop shopping. Even in the age of Online Retail and other online subscription-based shopping services, it’s hard not to find yourself in massive brick-and-mortar building shopping for everything from food to clothes to electronics and more, all under one roof. Just as traditional consumer goods are available at massive warehouses equipped with shopping carts and cash registers, the home-improvement sector has similar options.… Read more

custom glass tabletop

Destin Glass™ – Custom Glass Tabletops (850) 837-8329 – Call Today!

custom glass tabletopsOn a vacation and accidentally broke a glass tabletop? NO Problem! Call about our 24-hour Emergency Service (Standard Shapes) – We are here to help you out! Don’t let a broken glass tabletop ruin your vacation!

Custom Glass Tabletop! Any Shape, size, and choose glass type options like tempered or annealed glass, edge finishes, and glass thickness.… Read more

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