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Destin Glass™ – Increase Your Home Value with these Bathroom Upgrades

Certain areas of your home are the most appealing to buyers. An updated kitchen, for example, goes a long way toward making your house more sellable. Another area that can really help your interior appeal is your master bathroom. Too often, master bathrooms look too small, too outdated, or too dysfunctional to appeal to interested buyers.

With some simple aesthetic improvements, however, your master bedroom and connected bathroom can become one of the main selling points when you list your home. Here are some transformations to consider.

Remove the Shower Cave

In older homes, you can still find the luxurious separate tub and shower that is common in many master bathroom designs. However, the shower stall area can be completely enclosed by walls on the three sides, making it feel dark and claustrophobic, instead of bright, clean, and open.

This shower cave makes the bathroom seem smaller, and it doesn’t show off the beautiful amenities your bathroom offers. You can solve the problem when you remove one of the shower walls and replace it with a glass panel. You can also replace the old door or shower curtain with a frameless glass shower door. Finish the shower with attractive tiles and shiny new fixtures.

The frameless door maximizes the sightlines in the bathroom, allowing you to show off pretty shower tile work to buyers. Your bathroom will seem so much larger and cleaner.

Bring In More Natural Light

Lack of natural light is another problem that bathrooms can face. Some have small windows, and some even have no windows. If possible, you might enlarge the windows you already have in your bathroom to really let the light in, or you might put in a window that wasn’t there before.

Some people have bathrooms that do not have any exterior walls. If this is the case, you might consider a small skylight to bring natural light down from the roof and into your bathroom. Natural light, especially from windows, brings a sense of freshness to the bathroom that you can’t get from artificial light sources.

Another way to bring natural light into a bathroom is through the bathroom door. If your master bedroom gets plenty of light from a large window, replace a solid door with a glass door to bring some of that light into the bathroom area. If you want more privacy, choose frosted glass, which lets in light but obscures the view through the door.

Replace Old Countertops

Your bathroom might have functional floor tiles and a decent vanity, but people might not notice it if they are distracted by an old countertop that doesn’t bring any beauty to the bathroom. Bathroom vanities are smaller than kitchen ones, so the installation of a stone or glass countertop for a bathroom is not as costly but will make a big difference in how the bathroom looks.

A glass countertop in a bathroom can be a good idea especially if your bathroom has a small footprint. The glass seems to take up less space, while it also allows the viewer to see through the counter and to shelves below which could hold towels or extra supplies in stylish baskets. If you choose a matte glass, the reflection of light still makes the space seem bright and open.

You might wonder if a glass countertop is strong enough for a bathroom. The answer is yes! Tempered glass countertops are quite thick, and they won’t shatter like a window if something is dropped on it. They are also low maintenance, unlike marble or granite, because glass does not need to be sealed every so often as a stone surface does.

You can also tie in a glass countertop with matching glass tiles around the bathtub, on the sink backsplash, or in the shower.

Enlarge Mirrors

Did you know that mirrors can make or break your bathroom? Some mirrors are just too big for the room, while others are too small or look too old. If you have a mounted mirror without a frame, try to frame it to give it more visual appeal. If your mirrors are old enough that they are fogged, stained, or have wavy sections, they should be replaced before buyers tour the home.

If your bathroom doesn’t have any large mirrors, try to make room for at least one. You might put it on the bathroom door, even, if you don’t have a space on the wall.

Mirrors reflect light and give bathrooms a more opulent appearance. If your bathroom has double sinks, put a large mirror over each sink to visually maximize the design of the bathroom.
Glass has a way of making bathrooms seem updated, clean, and beautiful. Your master bathroom can be the feature in your home that attracts a motivated buyer.

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