An ample bathroom space offers the opportunity for lots of customizations, and this includes the style of shower door you can use for your shower space or shower enclosure. Although it seems a small bathroom space limits your customization option, this is not true.

The in-line shower glass door panel allows you to customize your shower enclosure with a trendy glass shower door. It not only fits and helps you maximize the space available, but it also updates the look of your bathroom from the everyday look into a modern and elegant look.

An in-line shower glass door is a glass door that consists of two or more glass panels. These panels are installed on a straight line. One of the glass panels can swing out and serves as the entry and exit point into the shower enclosure. In contrast, the other panels remain static and do not move.

An in-line shower glass door instantly increases the market value of your home while serving as a piece of attraction for potential investors and home buyers. Investors and home buyers prefer homes that have significant renovations, and that won’t cost them lots of money to put back on the market or to make a profit.

To increase the market value of your home and make it attractive to investors, then you should install inline shower glass doors for your shower partitions and enclosures in the bathroom.


Click here to learn how you can properly clean your new Glass Shower Door and Enclosure


Click here to learn how you can properly clean your new Glass Shower Door and Enclosure

About Heavy Glass Shower Door Enclosures:

Heavy frameless shower enclosures offer elegance and functionality to your bathroom. Available with 3/8 inch or 1/2 inch glass in variety of textures and colors, we are are sure to have just what you are looking for. We can create your shower, from the most complex, multi-panel enclosure to the simplicity of a singe door. We can help you plan your bathroom renovation, always focusing on esthetics, functionality, and safety. If you’re thinking about a corner shower unit, Custom Neo-angle showers are the highest quality product on the market. Custom made to exacting 45º polished edges, allows our doors to swing both ways plus they pull to the closed position automatically when within 5º-15º of closing.

  • Ultra Tight Tolerances
    Our glass gap spacing is the tightest in the industry, in most cases, creating a virtually leak-proof seal* without gaskets.
  • Durable Precision Machined Brass Hardware
    Destin Glass frameless glass enclosures employ only the highest quality materials to ensure long-term, dependable, and trouble-free service.
  • Shower Door Hinge Integration
    Shower Doors are notched where hinges attach for added security, strength, and safety.
  • Multiple Hardware Styles
    A wide range of materials and finishes are offered to complement your individual taste or to match your existing bathroom fixtures.
  • Superb Glass Selection
    Standard 3/8″ or optional 1/2″ glass is available in clear or any of many tints and privacy options.

Technical Features:

  • Sweeps. Durable polycarbonate sweep is nearly invisible because of it’s low profile and translucent color.
  • Hinges. Five degree offset pressure hinges close doors with precision and open easily in either direction.
  • Headers. One of the lowest profile headers in the industry anchors to the wall with concealed fasteners (When Needed)
  • Anchors. Ninety degree metal anchor system stabilizes panel flex. Low profile metal clips and channels minimize hardware profiles.
  • Ultra tight fit between door and panel allows door to swing both ways while still providing a shower tight seal.

Heavy Glass Finish Options:

heavy glass finish options

Through Glass Handle and Towel Bar Options:

Through Glass Handle and Towel Bar Options

Heavy Glass Hinges and Clips Options:

Heavy Glass Hinges and Clips OptionsHeavy Glass Hinges and Clips Options