High Velocity Hurricane Zone

Approved Doorglass

Hurricane Impact & Protector use laminated glass for approved High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) installations, sound transmission reduction and home security!

Features and Benefits

• Missile impact tested and approved!
• Attractive smooth vinyl frame, ideal for beautiful homes
• Snap-on cap covers all screws
• Fits 2’6”, 2’8” and 3’0” doors with normal cutouts
• Eliminates the need for hurricane shutters
• Easy to paint or stain
• Added value of noise reduction

Satisfies These HVHZ Requirements

• Meets high velocity hurricane zone codes #FL15419 (www.floridabuilding.org)
• Design pressure and wind and missile impact code requirements for HVHZ areas
• Laminated glass tests (ASTM C11172)

Hurricane Impact Decorative

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