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Destin Glass™ – Glass Tabletops to Protect Your Furniture

glass tabletopsGlass is one of the most elegant materials you can use for home or office décor. It’s timeless enough to be transitional or traditional, and it also works well to bring a modern touch to your living and workspaces.

When you need to improve your décor or are planning an entirely new design concept, Destin Glass can help. Discover how our custom glass table tops can elevate any interior.

Unique Benefits That Glass Table Tops Provide

The glass comes with unique benefits that traditional wooden table tops can’t compete with. From durability to versatility, these are the benefits that you will enjoy when choosing custom glass table tops from Destin  Glass.

Glass can be used to transform an old table into something new and exciting. Rather than resurfacing an old wooden table, consider using glass instead. You can even install a glass table top on a traditional steel or wrought iron frame to create a beautiful transitional look.

You’ll find glass to be incredibly easy to care for. It’s hard-wearing and resists scratching and scuffs. A simple wipe-down is all you need to keep your home or office table looking great. The glass will even withstand impact damage, and the amount of weight tempered glass can hold is truly impressive at four to seven times stronger than standard glass.

Because of the inherent strength of glass, it’s even the ideal material for displays and tables that hold ornaments, lamps, and electronics. A glass computer or drawing table is the perfect addition to your commercial space or home office. The versatility of glass makes it a clear winner.

Glass protects the material underneath, so you can still enjoy the aesthetic of natural timber when installing a glass top. If you have an antique dining table or even an ornate desk, a custom glass table top is an ideal solution that allows you to maintain the look without sacrificing durability.

If you love designer table bases and want to reveal their full beauty, a glass top is a great investment. The transparent glass will highlight any unique table base.

  • That same transparency also highlights unique flooring materials and rugs.
  • Glass can improve the sense of space in any room. A solid table breaks your line of sight and makes a room feel cramped.
  • Glass is the best material for open-plan spaces.
  • When you use glass extensively throughout your interior design, such as on internal partitions and floor-to-ceiling windows, a glass table top perfectly complements the space.

We’ve touched on some of the most important benefits for homeowners and business owners. You’ll also be pleased to learn that custom glass table tops are available in a range of colors, thicknesses, and shapes when you order from local experts.

Customize for Your Needs with a Local Glass Table Top Supplier

You’ll need to work with a local designer and manufacturer if you want to enjoy all the inherent benefits of glass. A specialist team can engineer glass table tops that perfectly suit your application and your existing décor. While clear table tops might be the first thing to pop into your mind when you think about glass, there are more customization options available when you work with our team at Destin Glass.

Custom edge options include High Gloss Factory Machine Polished Edges, Beveled Edges (Bevel thicknesses up to 2″)

Shape and Size: This is important. When you purchase glass table tops from a big box store you will end up with pieces that conform to industry standards. These might be OK for the ordinary home or office space, but what if you want something completely custom? Especially if you have designer tables in your home, standard sizing won’t work.

We can fabricate glass in any shape or size, to a thickness that works for you. You can use low-profile tempered glass table tops to protect a wood table, while the thicker glass is better for tables where the top won’t have anything but the frame and base underneath it.

Color: You can also customize your colors to get the perfect match or contrast for your décor.
Tinted glass is ideal for office spaces or minimalistic homes. If you use a bold black and white design in your kitchen, tinted grey or black glass might be the ideal solution for your dining room table. Dark-tinted glass is also great for computers and office tables where you want to partially obscure the underside.

Frosted glass also is an excellent choice for interior décor, or even for a table top used for outdoor entertaining. Other options include bronze, gray, blue, and green, allowing you to bring a unique look to any space.

Choose the Best Glass Table Top Manufacturer on the Emerald Coast.

Our team at Destin Glass is ready to make your custom glass table top concept a reality. With over three decades of experience in the industry, we can design and manufacture a solution that beautifies your home, office, or any space where you need a table top that stands out.

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