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Destin Glass™ – Benefits of Exterior Glass Hand Railings – Destin, FL

Exterior Glass Hand RailingsWhen it comes to making a choice on guardrails for your property, many people are torn between enhancing safety without compromising on elegance and aesthetics. If you are faced with this dilemma, do not fret. An exterior glass hand railings system is the perfect solution.

Traditional railing systems such as iron and wood have been employed for decades and were well utilized in their time. However, technological advancements have provided a cost-effective alternative that offers you stylish, durable, and versatile designs. Curious about glass hand railings as an option for your property? Consider these benefits below to help you make a well-informed decision.

1. Glass Railings are Easy to Maintain
When compared to iron and wood, glass railing systems are superior to a great extent. There is no worry of rot, rust, or decay. Tempered safety glass is treated at a very high temperature to give it maximum strength, hence, extreme weather poses no threat to your glass fence. Termites and other insects usually infest wood, which makes the property unsafe for kids and pets. Finally, it is important to note that with glass railing systems, you eliminate the stress of routine maintenance. No painting, staining, or replacement of parts is required.

2. Glass Railings Provide Unobstructed Views
If you have an excellent backyard view or a beautiful sight of the Emerald Coast you want to preserve, installing a glass railing system is the way to go. The tempered glass panels or Laminated Glass Panels are nearly invisible, providing a seamless flow between your property and the surrounding landscape.

3. Glass Railing Systems are Safer
This is one major feature that shouldn’t be up for debate. You and your family should feel secure in your home or apartment building. Property managers should also note that poorly secured buildings are not sought after. Glass railings are easy to install, yet effective at providing maximum security. They protect against high winds and accidental falls, and stand up to extreme weather. Glass railings can also be utilized as pool safety fencing, where they provide a clear-view barrier that enhances the security of your swimming pool. Features like self-latching and self-closing pool gates assure you of maximum protection even with adventurous children and pets around.

4. Glass Railings Improve the Market Value of Buildings
For house flippers and property managers who are concerned with making their buildings more unique, glass railings offer great value for their cost. Even after years of installation, unique glass rails will be seen as a sophisticated enhancement to the building. Due to the transparent nature of glass, buildings with glass railings appear bigger than they are. This helps you optimize the selling potential of any building.

5. Glass Railing Systems are Versatile
The flexibility of style, versatility, and ease of implementation are reasons for the widespread adoption of glass railing systems. A lot of people want glass railing ideas that match their existing home. To this end, there are various styles available for you to choose from whether your property has a modern or traditional style. These glass railing designs are also very adaptable and can be used in homes, offices, hotels, and multifamily properties.

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