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Tips for Keeping your Destin Shower Doors Crystal Clear

No one likes hard water spots on their Destin shower doors. They can detract from the beautiful look of the glass doors and make the rest of your bathroom look dirty. Therefore, your Destin glass repair company has a few tips to keep your shower doors looking beautiful and sparkling clean. Change Your Soap First …

Cambridge Bypass

Cambridge Series Bypass Shower Door Enclosure

Barn Style Bypass Shower Door The NEW Cambridge Series Bypass Sliding Shower Door System utilizes a modern top roller system that features four rollers on each door for ease of sliding. This quiet, smooth sliding system is made of high quality stainless steel, thus ensuring easy opening and closing of the doors. The Cambridge Series …


What to Look for in a Local Glass Service Company

Whether you’re considering investing in a frameless shower door enclosure, need an elegant new mirror, or are searching for a local glass repair company, you have plenty of options in the Emerald Coast area. That said, you shouldn’t work with the first glass company you come across. You should do your research and make sure …

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Destin Glass™ – How to Maintain Your New Beautiful Shower Enclosure

One of the peskiest of shower concerns during cleaning and maintenance is grout. Your grout can take a beating with daily showers, soap, scum and constant dampness. Therefore, your it can develop black ickiness fast. Grout absorbs water, and then mildewing and discoloration occurs. Without proper care, grout will stain and erode, causing water to leak behind the sealant.

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Destin Glass™ – Advantages & Disadvantages of Frameless Glass Shower Doors

The most distinctive feature of a frameless glass shower door is the lack of metal hardware and framing.

While framed glass showers have traditionally used metal, rubber or other materials to secure the glass along the door’s edges, frameless glass doors blend seamlessly into any style of bathroom decor with unobstructed transparency.

increase home value with bathroom upgrades

Destin Glass™ – Increase Your Home Value with these Bathroom Upgrades

Certain areas of your home are the most appealing to buyers. An updated kitchen, for example, goes a long way toward making your house more sellable. Another area that can really help your interior appeal is your master bathroom. Too often, master bathrooms look too small, too outdated, or too dysfunctional to appeal to interested …

Destin Glass™ – Shop LOCAL or Big Box Store for Bath Remodel? – Destin, FL

While a big box store associate may have the experience or been through training of some sort, it will be hard to challenge the skill and resources of licensed interior designers and contractors. Most do not have the “in the field” experience like a local contractor where the skills trade has been expertise for many years.

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Destin Glass™ – 5 Glass Features to Easily Modernize Any Home or Room

Looking for ways to modernize your home and stay up to date with the current minimalist trends? Incorporating glass into your home design is a guaranteed way to make it look fresh and up to date.

This material is clean, sleek, and very versatile, giving you lots of options to work with. Want to make sure you’re making the cut of unique homes? Keep reading for 5 awesome glass features you can easily incorporate into any room.

sneeze guards and barriers

Destin Glass™ – Protect Your Employees and Customers with Sneeze Guards & Barriers

Sneeze Guards are highly customizable and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes: Freestanding Sneeze Guards, Cubicle Sneeze Guards, and Hanging Sneeze Guards. Freestanding Sneeze Guards are designed to use clear glass panels involved in maintaining the system standing and in place. These Freestanding Sneeze Guards hold together the glass panels with use of pins and support structures to maintain a sturdy foundation. The scope of potential implementations is endless; they can be both effective and realistic at meeting tables, hostess booths and even other places in the modern world.

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Destin Glass™ – Custom Glass Tabletops (850) 837-8329 – Call Today!

Customize Your Glass Table Tops! Any Shape, size, and choose glass type options like tempered or annealed glass, edge finishes, and glass thickness. When you buy a glass table top from Destin Glass, you can be certain that you’re getting the highest-quality glass available. Whether you need a glass table top replacement, or a glass table cover for a DIY project, we’ve got you covered.